The Way, Inc. continues to closely monitor the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak situation, first and foremost with regard to the health and safety of the community and our own employees, as well as striving to be in line with local and national authorities, and World Health Organization guidelines.

The federal agency of Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), which is a component under the Department of Homeland Security, issued a press release on March 19th, which defines “Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers” to help State and local officials as they work to protect their communities, while ensuring continuity of functions critical to public health and safety, as well as economic and national security.

The Way, Inc. falls under these categories of businesses having these kinds of workers, and as such will continue normal operations, appropriately modified to account for Centers for Disease Control (CDC) workforce and customer protection guidance. 

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact your TWI representative.


As the news of the spread of the current coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic continues to make headlines, The Way, Incorporated is taking precautionary measures to protect the health of our employees, customers, vendors and other partners.  Because of our importance in our customer’s safety programs, process chemicals, and outage cleaning services, we wanted to share our plans.

We have instituted measures to protect the integrity and continuity of our personnel, products and services. Our plan is to remain open and to provide you with uninterrupted cleaning service activities and projects. We have contingency plans to continue to operate efficiently and to meet your cleaning requirements.

In addition, we have been continuously monitoring our supply chain for disruptions. To date, there has been little impact.  We have increased both raw material and finished goods inventory to distance us from disruptions. 

The transportation industry has recently encountered shipment delays due to common carrier limitations. We are fortunate to have a dedicated carrier, Bulk Transport, that provides the majority of our product deliveries. 

We will continue to proactively stay abreast of the situation and will be in touch with you quickly should any developments arise that could impact our ability to continue to deliver quality product on time.