Our world revolves around cleaning…
Your world shouldn’t have to…

Let TWI show you The Clean Way®!

Leading the industry in developing safe, eco-friendly, cleaning chemical alternatives. Contact us today and let us show you The Way to revolutionize your cleaning programs more safely and effectively than ever. Our team approaches each customer’s request scientifically and our advanced knowledge of chemistry sets our products light years ahead of the competition.

The TWI® advantages are comprised of interlocking business components that result in better service of our customers.

  • Superior Chemicals
  • Trained Service Teams
  • Educated Support Personnel
  • Customer Fabricated Equipment
  • Computerized Blending Centers
  • Advanced Research and Development Scientists

TWI can help you improve your processes, safety, and cleanliness throughout your facility. We provide the latest chemical advancements via cutting edge technology for our products. The Way Inc. leads the industry through our innovation and with our unique ability to quickly respond to specialty cleaning requests by internally developing custom formulations and determining the most effective application method.


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