Health, Safety and the Environment


At The Way, Inc., we understand that sustainability is critical for our long-term success, and we are committed to operating in a way that promotes the capacity to endure. We believe that the health and safety of our employees and customers are essential, and we prioritize these values in our operating environment.


As a responsible manufacturer, we recognize our role in environmental preservation, and we strive to minimize any risks associated with the manufacturing and use of our products. To reduce our ecological impact, we have implemented a range of sustainable practices, such as using renewable raw materials (plant based), recycling materials (tote reconditioning), and reducing waste (zero discharge).


Moreover, at TWI, we hold ourselves to an internal standard of excellence that exceeds mere compliance with regulations. We regularly monitor our operations and processes to identify areas where we can improve our safety and environmental performance. This includes training our employees to recognize and mitigate potential risks and conducting regular safety audits.


We are proud of our impeccable record when it comes to safety and environmental concerns, and we are committed to maintaining this record by continuously improving our practices and investing in sustainable technologies. We believe that by operating sustainably and prioritizing safety and environmental protection, we can create a better future for ourselves and future generations.


News Flash 12/19/2022 TWI is now ISNetworld RAVS PLUS