TWI has been supplying quality chemicals to industry for 28 years.  We have always maintained the highest standards of quality in our products and service.  Our core business is cleaning and process chemicals for industrial, pulp and paper, steel manufacturing, food, concrete, marine, aviation, petroleum, transportation, and energy applications.  We maintain a commitment to excellence by outperforming the competition in product technology, custom formulation, and service applications.

An important step to maintain these standards of excellence is training, particularly in the mechanisms of cleaning.  We provide our management team to teach in the science of cleaning mechanisms.  Our team has over 115 years of combined experience in their respective fields.  Some of the areas that are focused on are wetting agents, detergency, dispersion, solvency, emulsion, saponification, and chelation.  These terms do not mean much to the average person, but to a well-trained TWI franchisee…Knowledge is Power.

We provide standards, specifications and operating procedures and methods utilized at TWI, and instruct on the usage of such.  This includes critical areas to your success such as; sales, marketing, hazard communication, computers, technical support, HazMat, service support, modular maintenance, and samples and titrations.

Better Chemistry, Better Cleaning