Concrete Industry

What makes TWI cleaners more effective than all the rest in the concrete industry?  We have products to brighten aluminum, breakup concrete, and keep your equipment running and looking top notch in the most safe, economic, and effective means technologically available.

The concrete industry has utilized a variety of acid based products for removing concrete from vehicle trucks, cabs, and drums.  As the amount of concrete increases beyond a film or haze, more aggressive chemicals are required.  The utilization of the more aggressive chemicals results in significant vehicle corrosion, paint degradations, and mechanical failures.

We understand and help our customers in their cost awareness and reduction plans.  We offer several different options to the concrete industry.  One of our more popular chemical usage controls is a coin operated metering device, in which the employees are giving a certain amount of tokens that will allow the dispensing of a preset amount of chemical.  Also, our setups come neatly established at your facility with containment areas and periodic inspections by your sales representative.


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