The Way Inc. redefines clean.  Our specialists have ample combined technical expertise to overcome any cleaning obstacle in the Paper Industry.  A majority of our staff have extensive backgrounds in the Pulp and Paper business, making us the most suitable and effective cleaning company in the industry.

TWI offers cleaning products for use throughout your pulp and paper mill.  Some of our offerings include:

Paper Mill

  • Fabric cleaning products – wet felts, press fabrics and dryer felts
  • Fourdrinier elements and framework foam cleaners
  • Boilout products for thick and thin stock systems
  • Headbox and slice lip “spray on, rinse off” cleaning
  • General purpose degreasers
  • Hood cleaners and aluminum brighteners
  • Alkaline & Acid wet end cleaners
  • Dryer can cleaners
  • Inorganic scale removal -Barium Sulfate, Aluminum Sulfate, Calcium Carbonate
  • Coater boilouts and cleaners
  • Dryer section sticky removers
  • False ceiling
  • Building walls
  • Crane
  • Saveall foam cleaners and OCC boilouts
  • Calendar stack release agents
  • pH control chemicals
  • “Safe” acid alternatives
  • Floor cleaners
  • Chest cleaners

A sample of information about our abilities in this industry: